Thursday, September 9, 2010

MyJoogTV Episode 2: Holy Ghost Tent Revival @ Flying Dog Brewery

This episode features Holy Ghost Tent Revival in a discussion of beer and music with Abby Casarella, from Flying Dog Brewery. We discussed touring, craft beer, labels, Frederick, and much more. We then followed HGTR to Cafe Nola where they performed that evening. The video is available to download for iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Episode 2: Holy Ghost Tent Revival at Flying Dog Brewery from MyJoogTV on Vimeo.

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  1. HGTR is finely crafted like a great beer with the perfect blend of hops and malt and the kind of unusual and delicious taste that makes you keep wanting more as it satisfies, "revives" and arouses curiosity -- "How do they do it? And so well?" Hang out with HGTR and you'll never have a hang-over no matter how much you partake!